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High intensity interval training. Mixing two of the greatest sports.

You might be reading this wondering a boxing and football session combine, how's that going to work? Rest assured it certainly does! The two sports have plenty of transferrable skills which can be taken into both environments! Plus the added benefit that both sports have been incorporated into the one session!  

This weekly class is tailor made for children interested in developing their football and boxing skill set. The focus of this class is to work at a high intensity from minute one which instantly will have an impact on fitness levels as well as other benefits such as hand eye coordination, alertness, balance and core muscle strength. To top it off the syllabus has a heavy focus on improving each players football technique by working on both core and advanced skills followed by bringing those elements into small sided games. The session will operate in an interval style of training which is periods of work followed by periods of rest.

Essential to this class is the environment created by the coaches, our coaches add an element of fun into the sessions at the same time as achieving the best possible results! Our coaches are full of enthusiasm and raring to go the extra mile for all participants. Coach Byron, an aspiring professional boxer, has plenty of experience that he’s bursting to share and wants to give an insight into what it takes! Coach Kayl specialises in football and over his 6 years of coaching has developed plenty of players into academy standard as well as good grassroots players. Both coaches are keen to inspire children with their journeys and to help drive them with their future aspirations. To top it off during our sessions there will be music!  It adds to the feel good factor and helps everybody raise their level!

Does this sound like something you could be interested in? We've only got a limited amount of spaces so book NOW!

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