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Flair for Football

Flair For Football is our solely football based company, Flair for Football was founded with the aim to help both boys and girls develop their football skills and become even more adept at the game through our sessions.

We have links to both local and professional clubs and, if scouted, our players are able to continue attending our sessions whilst playing for one of our recommended local clubs. This allows us to monitor their progression and for them to develop the skills they attain in a competitive environment.

In addition to the above, our links to scouts from professional clubs and close relationships with other academies can provide the right player the opportunity to sign for an academy. 

All of our coaches have a wide variety of playing experience and therefore an insight into the game from both sides of the pitch. Our head coaches are a minimum level 2 qualified, with more than 4 years experience of coaching at all different levels whilst the remainder of our coaches are level 1 qualified, working towards their level 2. 

Flair for Football: About Us
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