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Holiday Camp

Where You Can Play

We offer a fantastic multi sports program during the school holidays which work on children's motor skills and help to develop a lot of transferrable skills to other sports and day to day activities. Camps run in a similar structure to the school day beginning at 9am and finishing at 3pm throughout the day we offer a range of different sports.

Football, boxing, tennis, dodgeball, athletics, hockey, badminton and rounders.

We include plenty of invasion games into our session plans to help develop a healthy competitive spirit as well as exercises working on core components factoring in advanced techniques too. 

Holiday Camp: Fields

Easter Camp

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Bring It!

Playfootball Sheperd's Bush is the venue and Easter is the time! Our multi sports camp will be making its return for the holiday period. Keep an eye out to book your places! Spaces are limited.

May Camp

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Break a Sweat

We've got a week in May so lets make the most of it! We worked it out and that's 30 hours of multi sports we can just picture the fun! The sun should be shining and the smiles will certainly be out, come along and bring a friend!

Summer Camp

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Be the Champ

WHO REMEMBERS OUR FLAIR FOR SPORTS SUMMER CAMPS! We know how to throw a summer party! From gladiator games to full on water fights which take place in the beaming sun with water bombs, water guns, buckets and anything else you can imagine. This is a holiday you can't miss.

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