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Schools Program

What We Offer

Be Part of the Game

We offer a range of different school programs which can be tailored to your schools needs and work around your timetable. If you're looking to book multiple sessions for PPA cover then discounts can be applied once established what is required. Please feel free to email us and we can arrange a meeting or phone call.

Day Care

Nursery Sessions/EYFS

Our nursery sessions are highly energetic and beneficial! For 40 minutes we engage children with fun games and activities working on motor skills such as hand eye coordination, balance, agility, reactions and plenty more. We encourage members of staff to also get involved to create an even better atmosphere. 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

PPA Cover for KS1 & KS2

In KS1 and KS2 we develop a more advanced set of motor skills through a wide variety of sports. The packages we offer allow flexibility to you, we are able to lead PE and games lessons which allow teachers additional PPA time. On the other hand we can also work alongside teachers which allows us to help improve their understanding of sports and increase their confidence to deliver Physical Education lessons of the highest quality.


School Clubs

We provide breakfast, lunch and after school clubs on a weekly basis and find it really beneficial to schools as we're able to offer new activities or clubs which you don’t have as much time for in PE lessons. Popular clubs such as multi sports where the activity each week varies to clubs such as dodgeball, tennis, athletics, table tennis and more. We also offer invasion game clubs which focuses solely on team games which have an objective to score or defend.

Schools Program: Become a Sponsor
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